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Welcome to the I.A.M.

Join the IAMWe represent workers across North America, ensuring their right to power in the workplace. That power is demonstrated in guaranteed paychecks and pay increases, defined workrules and solid representation.For more than 100 years we have fought for workers' rights and the benefits so often taken for granted. Benefits like sick pay, leaves of absence, bereavement leave, holidays, vacations, retirement security and healthcare.

Where will you find the I.A.M.?

You will find Machinists in Aerospace, Transportation, the Federal Government, Automotive, Defense, Woodworking and several other industries. We represent workers at companies as diverse as Harley-Davidson, Southwest Airlines, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, Freightliner, Tennessee Valley Authority and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The IAM Organizing Departmentcan help you in many ways. We have an experienced and motivated staff to lead you through your campaign. These people work very hard to maintain our winning record.

Already in a Union?

If you’re already in a union, we may be able to help you affiliate with the IAM. Being a part of the large, successful IAM can improve your bargaining power and provide many member-only benefits. Organizations like the Shipbuilders Union, Die Sinkers International Union, Patternmakers Union, International Woodworkers of America, theNational Federation of Federal Employees and the Transportation Communications International Union have all joined the IAM family.

Organizing a Union where you work

Organizing a union in your workplace also strengthens the movement for social justice. In these difficult times workers and their families benefit from solidarity and the powerful voice it can raise when programs like Social Security are threatened. The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers was founded over a century ago in Atlanta, Georgia as a union of skilled mechanics on the railroads. Today, the IAM represents workers across the fifty United States, its territories, and Canada in a wide range of trades and occupations. Ourunion is well known for its leadership in the aerospace and air transportation sectors, but the IAM has a strong presence across the industrial spectrum from manufacturing to automotive service to government. The Machinists Union strength can be seen and felt in everything that keeps North America moving. You too can be a part of North America's Might.

Join the I.A.M.

Click the button below to take the first step in forging a better life for yourself and your family. Within a few days, an IAM representative will call you at home. He or she will answer your questions and explain how you can join the over 730,000 IAM members in the United States and Canada who have won higher wages and better benefits as IAM members. Their victories - better pay, job security and fairer treatment on the job - took courage. Standing up for what's right always does. Take that first step, click the button above.